Welcome to my research site!

On the right, you see some of the main research topics I’m interested in. Click on your favorite topic to see what I have to say about it…

In each topic, you will find a variety of posts which usually fall into two types:

  • Posts about research papers. In these posts, I talk about some interesting ideas from research papers that I wrote or read. These posts are not paper abstracts or outlines, they are rather to explain why I find these ideas interesting, how these ideas are be related to other ideas, and other tidbits of information that you wouldn’t necessarily find in the paper itself. The goal is to get you to read the paper, especially when it’s one of my papers! Maybe you already read it, in which case you can add your own connections and tidbits of information in the comments…
  • Posts about research ideas. New research ideas pop up all the time, but only a few become full blown research projects. Even if I get a few interesting results, these incomplete ideas usually get filed away in favor of more pressing matters. Rather than losing these ideas or letting them collect dust, I post them here where they can be more useful. Maybe you thought about the same thing or something related and you got a few more results? In that case, we should start a research project together…

You may also find posts about research events, resources, humor, and other stuff I find interesting. In all cases, these posts will be informal but often technical.

Have fun reading!
François G. Dorais